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Dear NLC and YLEO Friends,

Bless others or yourself this month with a gift with purchase, invest $205-270. and get $200. back in 60 min manual therapy...that was easy.


When you share this email offer with friends who have brain fog, memory issues, sleep issues, university students, professors, those who have had brain injury/concussion, birth trauma, stroke, autoimmune, or anyone who needs brain/immune support, you are helping others.

This October, help the brain to function and think more clearly with detoxifying lymph flow from CranioFascial Release manual therapy, with my 28 years experience.


October Special:

Complimentary 60 min CranioFascial therapy/ Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Sharon Vogel, With purchase of the Reconnection's all about brain support.

Save $200. From October 18th-31st, when you, any new retail shopper, or new wholesale YLEO shopper Click Here to purchase "The Reconnection Collection" kit, they will receive a gift certificate for a 60 min Lymph Massage including CranioFascia Release and Manual Lymph Drainage with Sharon Vogel, CLT, at National Lymphatic Centers (Massage $200. Value), expires 1-31-2019. I can email it, postal mail, you can pick up the certificate, or we can hold it here at NLC.

This is a great holiday gift for a loved one of any age.


The kit is $205. (10-25% Off on Essential Rewards) for wholesale shoppers or it is $270. retail.

This is a serious kit, I will teach you how to utilize it to the best support for your body considering cognitive function.


Questions? Text or Call me direct at 630-377-4344 or email me at

Also, if you want to experience the kit's oils, then just add $30. to your next manual therapy session with me and feel the benefits! Call to schedule 630-241-4100 and ask for "The Essential Oil Experience."


Best of Health,

Sharon M. Vogel, LMT, BCTMB, CLT-LANA Candidate

BS-Biomedical with an emphasis in Nutrition


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More info on the Reconnection Collection for all of my Left Brainers

: )

The Reconnect™ collection contains four essential oil blends that offer the aromatic support you need to clarify your mind and support a positive and grounded perspective on life.

This carefully selected collection is perfect for use throughout your day. Whether you diffuse InTouch in the morning to enjoy an uplifting aroma or brush a drop of SleepyIze on your pillow as you begin unwinding in the evening, you can count on the Reconnect collection for the support you need to keep yourself grounded and focused.


Four 5-ml blends:





How to Use

Reconnect™ and InTouch™ Directions:
To be applied only by a trusted adult or under adult supervision. Topical: Apply 2-4 drops directly to desired area. Dilution not required, ex