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Hello, Sharon Vogel CLT here with my favorite protocol for swelling due to inflammation, lymphedema, lipedema, or more.

With 47 years of moving lymphatic fluid and 30 years as a licensed practitioner, I work with my heart.

Enjoy The Best List!


1. First, belly breathe with diaphragmatic breathing. First, push your belly out...now exhale and let the belly drop. Second, push your belly out while inhaling...now exhale and let the belly drop. This is hydrostatic pressure and acts as a siphon, vacuuming up the inflammation to then urinate out.  Super!  Now on to #2.

2.  Second,  Skin-Sweep Self Care:  Video  around collar bone/clavicle and underarms utilizing The Vogel Method of VMLD manual lymphatic drainage medical massage in video to move lymph fluid right now.  It is free and works! This is as easy as applying powder to a baby. Now gently skin sweep like a windshield wiper shown in the video!  Super!  Now #3.


3.  Third, Complimentary consul with CLT Expert Specialist  to schedule a complimentary consult



4.  Shiatsu Foot Massager 


Standing Vibration Exercise Plate/Machine 

Vibration Plate (10 minutes stand on plate if no knee or spine issues, sit with feet on plate, put pillow on top and sit on pate, do planks on plate)


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Hand-held Medical Vibration Massage 

Travel version Move the lymphatic fluid and stagnant lymphatic in underarms, behind knees, top of shoulders.

Portable Vibration Massage (use on lymph junctures like behind knee, inguinal, axilla, terminus)

5.  Wedge pillow - Inflatable travel portable version:. When you put your feet up, your knees and legs drain then the belly breathing and skin sweeping VMLD help move the fluid.  When you put your head on pillow, it helps to drain the sinus!

6.  BBL pillow  This special pillow may be wonderful for pregnancy, fat transfer  or for those of us with both back pain and larger belly. 

7. Lymphatic Drainage Drops:

8. Dry brush

9. Bidet

10. Waist Trainer

11. Female Urinal

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