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Katie M. July 2021 * * * * *

Amber was great the pressure was great as well as the flow of the massage was perfect !

FIRST VISIT JULY SPECIAL for overall wellbeing and good general health VMLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage Medical Massage.

It was my first lymphatic massage and it was incredible. I love the fact they do educate you on the lymphatic system and offer you free services before the massage . My therapist was nice and helpful. I will refer anyone to them for sure. 


by Anonymous on Jul 24, 2021  * * * * *

Margaret is amazing.


by Judith on Jul 21, 2021  * * * * * 

Maribel is very professional and very friendly thank you


by Sheri on Jul 20, 2021 * * * * * 

Luda was amazingly knowledgeable and super friendly

by Elinor on Jul 19, 2021 * * * * * 

Very professional, excellent.


by Anonymous on Jul 18, 2021 * * * * 

(Margaret) The massage made a world of difference. Very happy with the results


by Anonymous on Jul 15, 2021 * * * * * 

Sharon validated all of my concerns and described the process for what she will be doing. I’m very thankful to have found National Lymphatic Centers!


by Dalia on Jul 13, 2021 * * * * * 

(Sharon) Amazing with her hands and great at explaining all procedures offered.


by Linda on Jul 11, 2021 * * * * * 

Sharon is just what the doctor ordered and more! She is incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful. Her experience and insights are going to be an integral part of my recovery.


by Shalonda on Jul 07 2021 * * * * * 

It was lovely to see her (Sharon) in person after seeing her in the YouTube videos. It was Dr. Abdul that I had the appointment with, but Sharon greeted me as I entered the office. She welcoming, polite & professional. Lo

by Judith on Jul 2021 * * * * * 

Service Received: SERIES (5): Firmer skin on neck and face, plus move lymph through One Zone PEMF Nonveripulse RF Fractional laser. Zero downtime. with Maribel E.

The staff always very helpful and friendly thank you


by Brenna on May 2021 * * * * * 

Service Received: One Zone Veripulse: Simultaneous Body Contouring with Lymph Drainage with Abdu,Clinic Director M.

The experience and care I have received at National Lymphatic Centers have been wonderful and an integral part of my recovery process. Marisol, Sharon, and Abdul each provided me with the exact treatment that I needed during each phase of my recovery and were so compassionate and professional they instantly put me at ease. They explained the purpose and benefits of lymphatic massage and also provided me with the tools and education to do this for myself at home. The spa itself is extremely calm and relaxing and very clean with every Covid-19 measure in place to maintain the integrity and safety of both clients and staff. Investing in the National Lymphatics experience is worth every penny; I cannot imagine going through my surgery and recovery process without this support.


by Paul on Jul 2021 * * * * * 

 Service Received: FIRST VISIT JUNE SPECIAL with FOUNDER Sharon Vogel CLT, Board Certified Specialist for VMLD manual lymphatic drainage medical massage

Sharon is incredible! If you have any pain, see her immediately.


by Deborah on May 2021, * * * * * 

Service Received: FIRST VISIT with CLINIC DIRECTOR Abdul Agha, CLT, Board Certified Specialist, Light Touch & Pressure. 65 min VMLD manual lymphatic drainage medical massage. Abdul was the answer to my prayers. I felt like a new person after he worked on me. His talent and knowledge are exceptional.


by Jenelle on Apr 2021 * * * * * 

Service Received: SERIES (15) 65 MIN "SURGERY SUCCESS SERIES" Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Plus Bonus (3) RF Abdomen with CLT Abdu,Clinic Director M.

I may need much much more space to express all of the extraordinary things about Abdul, Sharon and the entire establishment! What a beautiful and serene experience it is to come here! I tell Abdul it is the highlight of my week and it really is! The emphasis they put on professionalism perfectly intertwined with making you feel like a family member whom they show great concern for, is so comforting. Abdul is a beautiful soul and emits such a spirit of safety and calm. I’m 5 weeks post op, and have not been feeling great about my surgery results, and down about how I’m looking, but when I come HERE I feel renewed, cared for and built right back up! His hands and techniques are magical and have given me Beautiful progress!! Much much better than when I started. You learn so much coming here, and quickly understand the importance of what they do! I’m eternally grateful for Abdul and Sharon. Almost so much that I just may go get another surgery so I have to keep coming! Hahahaha. I love you guys, Thank you for being the calm in my storm. Sincerely, Jenelle Bastian


by Jashly on Apr 23, 2021 * * * * * 

Ludmila was so amazing she was so professional and gentle. Being my first time, I did not know what to expect, but she made everything feel so great. Thank you  Ludmila


by Tammie on Mar 12


by Richard on May 31, 2021 * * * * * 

Luda explained what the procedure does she Help me get an understanding to what I should do at home to get better results.


by Vena on May 17, 2021 * * * * * 

Ludmilla cares about me as a person, she delivers her treatment in a very kind and compassionate manner. She keeps me involved every step of the way, teaching me how to care for my body for a successful outcome. I feel refreshed after each visit w her.


by Tammie on Mar 12, 2021 * * * * * 

Well the entire session was absolutely awesome but I was having some issues with a certain area on my belly that I couldn't get the swelling down &  Luda somehow removed it with no pain & kept her word when she said it'll get better as I come & it has!!!!