Manual Lymph Drainage

...clinical therapies in a serene setting...



Sharon M. Vogel, Founder and Clinic Director. Complimentary Consultations.

JFB MFR Myofascial Release MFR 1 & 2 & Unwinding, Craniofascial Release

CLT Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD, CDT Complete Decongestive Therapy 

Therapeutic Massage, cold laser, and more.

Dr. Jacob Suh, Chiropractic Physician, Licensed Acupuncture

Nick Talbot,

BS-Biomedical Sciences, LMT, CLT, CDT

CLET, Lymphatic Enhancement with High Frequency,

Fat reduction with iLipo cold laser

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Jacob Suh

B.A., C.N.C., L.Ac

Nick Talbot, CLT, CLET, LMT, BS

Nick Talbot, LMT, CLT, Lymphatic Enhancement Practitioner

Sharon M. Vogel, CLT, LMT, BS, National Board Certified BCTMB

MFR Certified, Nationally Certified Lymphedema Therapist