We at NLC believe that human bodies can unwind, unlock, release, repair, and restore balance better with our  trademarked VMLD, a unique signature 3-step "Vogel Method" of  Spiraling Myofascial Release Approach, Craniofascia Release, Manual Lymph Drainage and Lymphatic Massage. 


The NLC Clinic Policy is posted publically, posted in clinic, and on every email correspondence. Please scroll down to view.


We describe what we do as gently and skillfully opening up the toll booth, directing the traffic to flow orderly.   Opening up the pathways is the first step to moving fluids, the fluid needs somewhere to flow towards. 


We recommend a phone consult, a first visit, a Customized Care Plan.


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What is VMLD?

The Vogel Method  for Lymphatic situations

With 30 years of manual therapy through IL state licensure,

we have the caring nature and industry experience to help. 


Our Biomedical background, BCTMB National Board Certification, as well as CLT Certified Lymph Therapists have created a unique blended three-step protocol, The VMLD Vogel Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Method:



The Vogel Method of Spiraling Myofascial Release (VMFR) to unwind, unlock, release, clear, and balance post-surgical scar tissue, fibrotic fascia restrictions, tightness, and more. 


Vogel Method Manual and/or Machine Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD), a unique method to alleviate fibrosis, blockage, and drain swelling. A Certified  Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) is Licensed and Certified through their scope of practice to perform this step. Manual and/or Machine Lymphatic Drainage is essential otherwise, cellulitis may occur. Without drainage, the fluid released during Myofascial Release will essentially be "pushed toward a closed doorway" and accumulate within the body, which causes swelling.


Vogel Method Lymphatic Medical Massage (VMT), to feel better and gain greater mobility. This step is performed by a Licensed and Certified whom is trained in Lymphatic Massage.


Clinic Policy:  

Care Plans may  not be shared and are only a gift for yourself.

To gain the most convenient date and time for your schedule for therapist availability, we recommend prebooking your entire (5) (10) SERIES at the time of purchase.

Gratuities are cash only. No email or phone number of employees are given for apps or otherwise.

NLC does not diagnose nor prescribe. Manual and Machine treatments are designed for quality of life and help to feel better.

All sales are final. If you do not use all of your SERIES sessions and have extra, then they are on credit for a year and may be used at a later  date but not at the same deal, rather dollar for dollar value. There are no refunds.

A 10 min follow up evaluation or consultation may be scheduled complimentary with Founder or Clinic Director. 

+/- Occasionally the therapists need rest or to organize their schedule and we may take the humble liberty of tweaking their times by 15-30 min, with complete respect to your time. We promptly send an email notice. 


NLC is a teaching clinic and often you may have a student or two therapists working on you to feel your best. This is how therapists learn. If this is not satisfactory, then please let us know at the time of scheduling. Thank you!
Intake form. If you haven't already, then please fill out the online intake form so we can learn about you.  If you have, then please disregard.

We prepare for your visit as your appointment is important to us. Give yourself enough rest and water before your appointment.  
If you are pregnant or are experiencing a serious diagnosis, or active cancer, then present a doctor's note saying "massage therapy and manual therapy is good for this patient."  After your visit please drink plenty of water, rest, avoid sugar, alcohol and processed foods.


A 48 hour notice of cancellation is appreciated or will result in full charge or prepaid forfeit and credit given to the Therapist as this has prevented the center and the Therapist from serving another patient. 


Thank you,

Sharon M. Vogel, Founder