We at NLC believe that human bodies can unwind, unlock, release, repair, and restore balance better with our  trademarked VMLD, a unique signature 3-step "Vogel Method" of  Spiraling Myofascial Release Approach, Craniofascia Release, Manual Lymph Drainage and Lymphatic Massage. 


We describe what we do as gently and skillfully opening up the toll booth, directing the traffic to flow orderly.   Opening up the pathways is the first step to moving fluids, the fluid needs somewhere to flow towards. 


The Plan is a phone consult, a first visit, a Customized Care Plan Membership.


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What is VMLD?

The Vogel Method  for Lymphatic situations

With 30 years of manual therapy through IL state licensure,

we have the caring nature and industry experience to help. 


Our Biomedical background, BCTMB National Board Certification, as well as CLT Certified Lymph Therapists have created a unique blended three-step protocol, The VMLD Vogel Manual Lymphatid Drainage Method:



The Vogel Method of Spiriling Myofascial Release (VMFR) to unwind, unlock, release, clear, and balance post-surgical scar tissue, fibrotic fascia restrictions, tightness, and more. 


Vogel Method Manual and/or Machine Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD), a unique method to alleviate fibrosis, blockage, and drain swelling. A Certified  Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) is Licensed and Certified through their scope of practice to perform this step. Manual and/or Machine Lymphatic Drainage is essential otherwise, cellulitis may occur. Without drainage, the fluid released during Myofascial Release will essentially be "pushed toward a closed doorway" and accumulate within the body, which causes swelling.


Vogel Method Lymphatic Medical Massage (VMT), to feel better and gain greater mobility. This step is performed by a Licensed and Certified whom is trained in Lymphatic Massage.

Thank you,

Sharon M. Vogel, Founder