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Personal Development Coach Call 

(Best before first visit, Good anytime.)

In the 45 years of moving lymphatic fluid for people, and 29 years as a licensed practitioner, board certified and continuing to learn and grow, I have learned this, that it takes a change in mindset for a change in health, a personal development.  It goes hand in hand. The mind talks to the brain and the brain talks to the body. So, what you subconsciously believe will rule.  

Before your first visit with the Clinic Director here at NLC, please call Michael at 630-786-6464 or click this link to schedule with Michael of, a personal development coach and business consultant who is mentored by Bob Proctor, who was mentored by Earl Nightengale and Lloyd Conan, who was mentored by Napoleon Hill, who was mentored by Dale Carnegie. 

Each patient here at NLC gets one complimentary call to get coached up, whether it be a change in mindset for health, wealth, emotions, or even business, because all of these limiting beliefs, called paradigms, affect your health. 


BLOG:  22 ways to raise your vibration. 


Click this link to schedule your coach call:


Best of Health, 

Sharon M. Vogel

Clinic Director

Special Signature Services

Thank you for your interest in the unique specialty services we offer. We are excited to bring you these exceptional services and we are always glad to answer any questions you may have about the treatments or procedures offered.

Call (331) 251-1-1014 to schedule a phone consult or in-office consult to review your candidacy for: 

  • manual lymphatic drainage,
  • lymph massage,
  • oncology massage,
  • myofascial release
  • post lipo massage