VIDEO on Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Click here to schedule a first session to experience and learn the techniques of manual lymphatic drainage massage. The best way to learn self maintenance and self massage is to experience the work of a professional.


We are national board certified lymphatic practitioners specializing in post surgical care utilizing The Vogel Method of treatment including myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, and lymph massage.


We understand that after surgery, most post oncology surgical patients are in pain to the point where they do not even want to move. Most likely, inflammation, "swelling", is pooling as the the beginning of scarring.

You are hurting from the trauma of surgery. There is not much relief without proper care.  We offer hands-on lymph massage and medical-grade machine care. 


After the first visit here at National Lymphatic Centers, most patients experience an obvious relief of tissue softening and draining of swelling.  


(630)241-4100 Call to speak with Sharon M. Vogel, the Clinic Director,  licensed massage therapist,  certified lymphatic therapist, certified myofascial therapist, and industry expert.  This call will provide you with pricing, availability, education to help you now even before you come to the health center. Limited Availability, Schedule Ahead, Your Relief is just a phone call or text away.






Post Surgery Patients

With our biomedical background and national board certification, we specialize in treating post surgical patients including:

Pre/Post Mastectomy / Lumpectomy

Pre/Post Breast Explant or Breast Implant Illness / Replacement

Pre/Post Knee, Hip, joint Replacement

Post plastic/cosmetic surgery,

and more including:

C-Section surgery,

Oncology complications

Stagnant lymphatic system, Congestion