"Lymphormation" Class

Second Saturday 2pm

Your awareness and knowledge can create your health shift. 

In just one of these classes, you will:

1.  learn about the lymphatic system

2.  learn belly breathing, the fastest way to drain             


3.  learn self manual lymphatic drainage massage         

     MLD techniques

4.  have the opportunity for Q & A 

5.  receive 10-15 min consult or hands on MLD

6.  receive measurements by a certified fitter

7.  ask about pneumatic pumps or compression garments

The topic  is the immune system, helping to alleviate swelling from surgery, swelling, draining the protein rich fluid that helps to create hard fibrotic tissue.


Lecture and MLD instruction by

Clinic Director Sharon M. Vogel, CLT, LMT, MFR, LC,
BS-Biomedical with an emphasis in Nutrition,
LANA candidate

You will learn about the lymph system, encouraging your immune system, bioaccumulation, endocrine disruptors, swelling, Lymphedema,  Lipedema, post surgical lipo, Brazilian Lift, tummy tuck, hysterectomy, fibromyalgia, autoimmune, pre/post chemotherapy or radiation, peer-reviewed scholarly journals,  textbook information, and more.

Best of Health,



Bioaccumulation is the build up of toxic residue in the body including everything that is absorbed by the body including household cleaners, cooking with aluminum, artificial air fresheners, and chemicals in beauty products.
Endocrine disruptors is bioaccumulation that now is disrupting the body's hormones and may be contributing to autoimmune, fibromyalgia, symptoms of Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, and more.