National Lymphatic Centers,

with 31-years of established business,

in two locations, 

is currently accepting applications and offering interviews  

for full time or part time employment

to licensed, insured, specialty skilled, and compassionate professionals.


  • 5002 Main Street, Downers Grove
    • Open 7 days
    • Flexible hours
  • 3100 Theodore Street, Joliet 
    • Thurs & Sat 8am-4pm


  • Aesthetician           Hourly + Commission
  • LMT                              Tier 1 Hourly
  • LMT-BCTMB             Tier 2 Hourly
  • LMT-BCTMB-CLT    Tier 3 Hourly + Commission
  • DPT-CLT                      Tier 4 Hourly                   
  • DPT-CLT-LANA          Tier 5 Hourly + Commission



We are located in flourishing downtown Downers Grove,

30 minutes from Chicago by express train.  

Laundry service, Housekeeping Sanitation service, Uniforms, W-4 Employment, Accounting, and Online scheduling/office service provided. 

Licensed and insured practitioners are invited to send resume or Curriculum Vitae CV.  


Thank you,

Sharon M. Vogel

We look forward to connecting with you!
With Regards,
Sharon Vogel, CLT, MFR, LMT
National Lymphatic Centers