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Dr. Jacob Suh, DC, ACu

~Chiropractic Physician


Sharon M. Vogel, CLT, LMT, LC, CE
~CLT-LANA Candidate 
BS-Biomedical with emphasis in Nutrition
28 years experience
Nationally Board Certified
~Myofascial Release
~Craniofascial Release
~Manual Lymphatic Drainage
~Oncology Massage
~Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage
~Pre or Post Liposuction Lymphatic Drainage
~Complete Decongestive Therapy, CDT, for Lymphedema,    
   Lipedema, and CVI

Nick Talbot, CLT, LET, LMT
BS-Biomedical Sciences
9 years experience
~iLipo Non-surgical fat reduction cold laser therapy 
~Lymphatic enhancement high frequency
~Sinus Relief Lymphatic Enhancement Package
~Pre & Post Liposuction Package
~Children's Autism Package 


Tenelle Wilson, LAc., Five Element Acupuncture

BS-Alternative Medicine

~Mental Health and Wellness

~Trauma Relief 

~Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHA, Mental Clarity and Focus


~Asthma, Allergies, Digestive Issues, Pain and Injuries

~Fatigue, Motivation, Productivity, Personal amd Professional development

~Overall balance, health, and wellbeing 



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Massage Therapy
Medical Massage with Sharon Vogel
90 min $225.
60 min $150.
30 min $ 75.
Your session begins with a personal consultation to determine what is best for your body.  

A range of clinical Eastern and Western modalities help to increase flexibility and circulation, alleviate tension, pain, and injuries, and energize your body. May include: Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, JFB MFR Myofascial Release, Cranial Fascia, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reiki, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, as well as guided movement and QiGong.  
Deep Tissue Massage with Nick Talbot, BS., LMT, CLT
90 min $150.
60 min $ 90.
An intensively therapeutic session of Clinical Bodywork and Massage.
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