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Vibration Plates & Body Support Pillows for BBL

Vibration plates may help drain inflammation from water retention, swollen ankles, bloated belly, post-lipo, post-surgical, brain fog, plus it can be a great exercise for the body!


Lymph drainage is a natural occurrence in our bodies and can be enhanced by:

  • MLD Manual Lymph Drainage by a CLT Certified Lymphedema Therapist
  • Short stretch bandaging and CDT Complete Decongestive Therapy by a CLT
  • Compression garments from a Certified Fitter
  • Exercise such as swimming
  • Lymph Massage by an LMT Licensed Massage Therapist
  • and 
  • Vibration Plates 

These fun vibe plates can be stood upon or even just rest the feet upon the platform while sitting for a draining affect.  Some vibration plates have handles for balance.  Here at the clinic we have found that 10-15 minutes on the vibration plate before and after manual therapy will enhance fluid movement. 


Fluid movement can range from

  • ordinary folks wanting to exercise their muscles,
  • others wanting to boost their immune system or detox, 
  • post lipo or surgical patients wanting to soften and drain their tight sore tissue,
  • Lymphedema patients attempting to drain a limb after proper CDT, and more.

Here at National Lymphatic Centers we researched our choices and found what we think is the most reasonable vibe plate that is

  • the most cost effective we have found
  • highest vibration rate for the price
  • programable for time and speed
  • portable, it fits under our reception area couches
  • durable
  • has blue tooth for music settings

I have not read their evidence but it is interesting to note that our favorite vibe platform pick directly informs us that 15 minutes on a proper vibration plate can be equated to

  • 300 situps
  • 40 min of swimming
  • 200 pushups
  • 60  of yoga



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Stop in for details and to give plate a shake.  


Special support for Special occasions in a woman's life.  Whether it be pregnancy or after a BBL Brazil butt lift / fat transfer, having proper supports for the body is imperative.  I have researched many pillows through the years and have some design favorites. 


Click the link to view my fav basic Belly-down pillow for pregnancy or a Bottom-down pillow after a BBL. $80.

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Click the link to view my fav advanced Belly-down support for pregnancy or a Bottom-down support after a BBL for the first two months. $170.

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Click here to view the most reasonably priced wedge with ample capacity to assist when attempting to drain inflammation from feet and ankles. Flip the wedge around to assist with GERD or draining sinus.

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