We have and will continue to provide a safe and sanitary environment for our patients, staff and global community.

In fact, we plan on pampering you more!

~Sharon M. Vogel, Founder

Thank you for your trust, we've got this!


We Care about you, our patients, workers, local community and global community and we want your mind to be at rest.  As an allied health, secondary medical facility, know that we are already adhering to sanitation and especially now to the updated CDC and FSMTB Guidelines for practice with Covid-19 Considerations.




1. In short, NLC's DUTY

Of course, as normal, before all this happened, we still provide gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, sanitary laundry situation, sanitary linens, regularly wiped down surfaces with EPA disinfectant, fans for fresh air, regularly mopped floors between patients, the therapists wear street shoes to the clinic and change once inside, band hair, use hand sanitizer if they by accidently touch bangs or face, we keep capacity to a minimum with few or none in the waiting area, decluttered reception area, no-touch trash cans area still available, 


We have added: 

  • Wonderful warm steaming hand towels for the front reception area cleanse hands, followed by a  hand sanitizer.
  • Disposable slippers for your cleanliness and comfort
  • Shiatsu foot massager & Vibration foot massager to ease stress
  • Wonderful soaps in the bathroom to pamper you
  • Tissues everywhere you look so no surfaces are touched
  • HEPA filter for fresh air
  • ~Amazing~ UVA UVB STERILIZERS in the treatment room for sanitizing items between patients but also provided for you as a courtesy during your treatment so you can pop in your keys, phone, wallet, watch, jewelry, or the mask/gloves that you wore as you arrived.
  • N95 Masks for therapists
  • Face and eye shields for therapists and Desk personnel
  • Signs from the CDC to remind sanitation procedures and Checklists for confirmation 

2. In short, THE PATIENT's DUTY

  • Be happy.      (ok, I added that one.)
  • Please band hair before arriving.       (I added that one too)
  • Please be wearing a face mask as you arrive and do not touch it.  If you do touch it, then please use a tissue. or hand sanitizer every single time.  The CDC wants face masks worn from time of entry to time of exit. 
  • Use tissues for every door knob, light switch or any thing that you touch.  Our pens are sterilized and clipboards sanitized between patients, so these are safe.
  • Please wash hands immediately upon entering. 
  • No one may wait in the waiting area for you, unless the patient is a minor.
  • Any contact with anyone with fever or flu like symptoms or if your temperature 100.3 F or higher  then we we will send you home to rest it out and get well.
  • Now a PRE service consult via phone or video phone is in order to ensure that you are not with elevated temp nor have had contact with anyone ill before arriving.
  • All patients will be given a new health intake form to sign, acknowledging the massage (or grocery store or walk down the street) at your own risk because the the virus can be asymptomatic.


We care about you and show it through our actions:  sanitation.



Best of Health,

~ Sharon


Sharon M Vogel

Clinic Director and Founder

National Lymphatic Centers, Inc.


FSMTB UPDATE January 1, 2021

Thank you for your trust, we've got this!