I was given outstanding care. Sharon listened to and addressed my concerns with compassion and understanding. Thank you for the wonderful service.



Very friendly, professional, gave me hope and made me laugh! Will be back! Thanks, Donna Baxter



"I have been seeing Sharon for 2 years now and what a difference she has made in my life.  I had cystic breasts and used to go to see a breast surgeon to have them drained which was painful and caused scar tissue.  Sharon is able to remove that same fluid without needles and creating scar tissue.  I have since had breast cancer and 3 lymph nodes removed and Sharon has been teaching me how to retrain my body to get rid of the fluid build up that once my lymph nodes took care of.  I can't think of a more qualified person to send anyone to!" Dr Sheri Billing, Yelp, 5 Stars 


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Massage therapy for stress reduction and overall health improvement.
Excellent. Sharon Vogel is simply the best body work therapist I have ever experienced. Her knowledge and expertise are unparalleled in the field. Her technique, from start to finish, is superb. I recommend Sharon to anyone seeking improvement in quality of life through reduction in pain, stress and other issues." Linda Schimoler, Angie's List

Amazing Touch overall rating     

"I've been seeing Sharon Vogel for massage and lymphatic drainage over 5 years now and it's time you make her a part of your life. She is fantastic at what she does. I visited her on a Sunday! I had a lymphatic drainage treatment and it was amazing! She has a gift of 'touch' that rejuvenates your body and soul!"

  • submitted on Dec 01, 2014
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~Five Stars



Transcendent overall rating     

 "This visit was indeed an experience. I've been getting massages for only the past 5 years or so (45 y.o. male), and that's exactly what they've been...massages. Sharon, however, brings to the table something more than that. Not only is she a massage therapist, but she's also a body therapist which is something that I was not accustomed to in previous massages. I went in for a 60 minute deep tissue, lymphatic drain. She worked points on my body that I never had worked on before, knew exactly where to go when applying certain pressure and movement, manipulated my limbs in such a way that when the session was over, I wanted to lay face down, for another 20+ minutes, as my body had become one with it. I have never felt like that. I can't rave enough about this experience...and Sharon is such a sweet, kind and gentle soul, who, w/ the 29 years experience she has in the industry, is extremely knowledgeable and knows each and every person's body better than they do. She can communicate w/ one's body on that table like nothing else. And she is just a pleasure and joy to talk to. She emanates this vibe that is so relaxing and makes you feel right at home when you walk in the door. She has clients that come to her from out of state which is quite telling, imo...makes my 40 minute drive to her seem like nothing at all...so worth it! And quite frankly, I won't go anywhere else now. Thank you so much, again, Sharon!"