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Sharon M. Vogel, CLT LMT, BCTMB, LC, BS

My Regular Hours

Monday: Willowbrook 8am-6pm
Tuesday: Downers Grove 8am-8pm
Wednesday: Downers Grove 8am-3pm
Thursday: Downers Grove 8am-6pm
Friday: Willowbrook 10am-3pm
Saturday: 8am-12pm
Sunday: Resting

MFR Certified, Nationally Certified Lymphedema Therapist

I have worked at National Lymphatic Centers for 27 years.

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With 27 years of experience, I have learned to listen, look, ask, and help piece the mosaic of symptoms into a more clear picture of health.  Your quickest way to health is my focus.  I have current competence in a specialized area of study, inflammation, immune system, nutrition, myofascial release, and manual lymph drainage. 

My credentials range from Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis in Nutrition.  This means that I can help your body function better as I understand the body's functioning systems down the to the cellular level.    My lymphatics include continuing education, at Midwest Naturopathic School of Medicine, trained Manual Lymph drainage with the Mitchell method, CLT with the ACOLS  & Vodder method of MLD. 

I  am nationally board certified as therapeutic massage and bodywork and a nationally certified NLN CLT Certified Lymphedema therapist, specializing in Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema, Lipedema, post-lipo swelling, post-surgical swelling, and PRE/post lymphnodectomy after mastectomy.
Medical Massage & Craniosacral, Myofascial Release the John Barnes approach, Cranialfascia release with manual lymph drainage for Brain & Body Health.  I have specialized training in cranial lymphedema.

Call 630-448-4823 for complimentary consultation, informational group lecture plus complimentary 15 min hands-on manual lymph drainage at our monthly event entitled "Lymphormation Lecture".
 It is the Second Sunday at Noon. 
 Scholarly Journals & articles presented:
"Drain the Brain Haze" 

"Missing Link between brain, immune system - with major disease implications"

What is BodyTherapy?

?BodyTherapy uses hands-on manipulation to release the body to a dynamic state of health.  It approaches each body in a way that is sensitive to the unique composition and needs of each individual.  Techniques used may include: Therapeutic Touch, Trigger Point Therapies, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial and Cranial Fascia Release, Ohashi Shiatsu and other Therapeutic Massage, Whole Body Stimulation through Acupressure, Vitaflex, and Reflexology.  

Through these therapies, you will experience an increase in flexibility, circulation, and immune function.

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Best of Health & Happiness,

MFR Certified John Barnes Myofascial Release
Nationally Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
LMT Licensed Massage Therapist
CLT Nationally Certified Lymphedema Therapist
BS-Nutrition  cum laude Valedictorian Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science with an Emphasis in Nutrition
Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce 360,
NUHS Alumni