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Sharon M. Vogel, BS-Biomedical, CLT, LMT, LC, CE
~CLT-LANA Candidate 
BS-Biomedical with emphasis in Nutrition
30 years experience
Nationally Board Certified
~Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Musculoskeletal
~Craniofascial Release, Trauma Release
~Manual Lymphatic Drainage
~Oncology Massage
~Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage
~Pre or Post Mastectomy
~Pre or Post Explant
~Complete Decongestive Therapy, CDT, for Lymphedema,    
   Lipedema, and CVI
Dr. Natalie Geyer, DPT, PT, MBA, CLT-LANA
Board Certified
Certified Lymphedema Therapist CLT
Abdul Agha, LMT, CLT
Board Certified
Certified Lymphedema Therapist CLT
Ludmila Lynch, LMT, CLT
Certified Lymphedema Therapist CLT
Maribel Estefania, MLD, LC
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Ashley LMT, LE
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Aesthetician
Care Plan Financing at:  Square Installments

National Lymphatic Centers, Inc. BBB Business Review

Sharon M. Vogel, Clinic Director

To book a Phone Consult, either just call 630-241-4100 or schedule online.

Immune Focused including lymph node issues, swelling, lymphedema, oncology, autoimmune 

Muscular-Skeletal pain 

Thank you for choosing NLC for your lymphatic care and bodywork.


We are different because we are board certified and have 30 years of experience

We listen and target cures rather than simply treating symptoms. 


Your first visit is with Sharon M. Vogel, Clinic Director and founder of NLC since

January 1, 1991. 


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A patient's first visit here is a time of relief.  Utilize your time to uncover health history, address your health concerns, undergo evaluation, assessment,  and receive hands-on Manual Therapy. The Clinic Director will also make recommendations for a customized care plan, based on your individual needs and goals for future visits. 


The services in our care plans will address your current health issues through stages of repair, recovery, and maintenance. Services include: Myofascial Release to release fascial restrictions and reduce any scar tissue, then Manual Lymphatic Drainage to alleviate any swelling or dry/hard/tight areas, then Lymph Massage to nourish the body back to better immune health.

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We plan & prepare for your appointment, therefore, a 48-hour notice of cancelation is greatly appreciated or full compensation is accepted.

Prebooking denotes prepayment.

 We accept Cash, CC, HSA Health Savings Account, and Flex Spending.